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A YEAR OF LIVING MINDFULLY – From recipes to rituals to the rhythm of the seasons, A YEAR OF LIVING MINDFULLY: Seasonal Practices to Nourish Body, Mind, and Spirit (Motivational Press; March 9, 2016) is the last book on wellness you’ll ever need. Achieving optimum well-being can be as easy as attuning ourselves to the cycles of the year, according to the author, holistic well-being expert and entrepreneur Randi Ragan. Her guidebook for busy people aligns the mind, body and spirit to achieve an attainable plan for optimum health and self-care in every season.

In A YEAR OF LIVING MINDFULLY, Ragan presents practical solutions for lasting wellness, including stress relief and avoiding illness, as she explains how engaging with the seasons can enhance our overall well-being. She details seasonal themes and provides corresponding recipes, teas, tonics, exercises and daily practices, including:

Detoxify & Renew
· Lomi Lomi Massage
· Chrysanthemum or Dandelion Tea
· Parsley Mint Face Wash
· Kale Lemon Ginger Smoothie
· Healing Herbs to Grow at Home
· Technology Fast

Expand & Energize
· Seaweed Bathing Ritual
· Cooling Shitali Pranayarna Breath-Work
· Lavender & Lemongrass Aromatherapy
· Honeydew Mask & Body Scrub
· Garden Gazpacho
· Emotional Healing with Bach Flower Remedies

Balance & Fulfill
· Vrkasana Tree Pose
· Somatic Bodywork
· Cranberry Antioxidant Face Scrub
· Autumn Super Granola
· Bone Health Basics
· Finding Work You Love
Release & Contemplate
· Dream Journaling
· Foot Massage
· Ginger & Garlic Tonics
· Neutralizing Depression Naturally
· Cappuccino Milk Bath
· Winter Borscht with White Beans
A YEAR OF LIVING MINDFULLY presents a lifestyle that has mindfulness at its core. It can help us become refreshed and invigorated to create a conscious, awakened lifestyle that will allow us to be fully present for others and alive to all of our potential and possibility.
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RANDI RAGAN is a holistic well-being expert and the founder of GreenBliss EcoSpa, celebrating 10 years as Los Angeles’ only award-winning mobile spa and wellness service. For more than 20 years, Ragan has led yoga and spiritual retreats, created experiences for healing and well-being and guided groups and individuals with rituals and ceremonies to mark life milestones. Her blog, The Mindful Living Almanac, has been providing readers with inspiration for mindful, seasonal living since 2008.


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