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Beauty Brand Nomad Cosmetics Spotlight. The Nomad Cosmetics we believe that a woman’s desire to look and feel beautiful is universal, but the way she achieves it varies across the world based on local influences. This insight, and the many stories and destinations behind it, have inspired us to create a new kind of beauty brand.

Introducing Nomad Cosmetics – Universal Beauty, Locally Inspired
With Nomad Cosmetics, we have started with the latest in high quality makeup products and premium formulas. However, this brand is about so much more than just amazing products – it is about capturing a story, a destination, an experience. We want to inspire women with beauty from all corners of the world, and let them discover the essence of different destinations and become true Beauty Nomads.

We aim to connect with our consumers’ core belief that experiences, not things, are most important. Hence we have created a brand in Nomad Cosmetics that is truly authentic and has a strong sense of place. It all starts with beauty looks and formula benefits that reflect the destinations’ unique qualities, continues with shades inspired by local characteristics and unique landmarks, and ends with names and quotes written in the local languages. In addition, Nomad Cosmetics will be giving back a percentage of profits and working with a local charity at each locale in order to support these destinations that have inspired us.

Launch Collection of 4 Hero Beauty Palettes From Around the World
Nomad Cosmetics will launch with a collection of 4 beauty palettes, each of which takes inspiration from a captivating destination around the world and includes a specially designed set of makeup products that enable women to recreate the complete or individual aspects of the beauty look discovered in that destination.

To deliver on the brand promise, Nomad Cosmetics palettes are designed holistically in every detail to create a sensorial use experience: each palette comes with unique graphics, premium formulas and colors, inspiring shade names, and an authentic fragrance incorporated into our new-to-the-world SensExperienceTM scented cosmetics packaging. The patent-pending SensExperienceTM technology infuses fragrance into the packaging, giving each palette a unique and locally-inspired scent that transports the user to the destination each time she opens it.

All Nomad Cosmetics products are cruelty-free and never tested on animals, and free of parabens and phthalates.

The 4 hero launch beauty palettes include:
• NOMAD x NYC – Beauty Palette No. 01
• NOMAD x Stockholm – Beauty Palette No. 02
• NOMAD x Firenze – Beauty Palette No. 03
• NOMAD x مراكش – Beauty Palette No. 04

Retail price for each palette is $50.

Please download the full press release for more details on each product.

All 4 beauty palettes are available for pre-order at NomadMakeup.com


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