BeFit, Lionsgate’s clean and natural branded nutritional supplements

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BeFit, Lionsgate’s clean and natural branded nutritional supplements. The inaugural line of clean and natural branded nutritional supplements developed by BeFit, Lionsgate’s ad-supported one-stop shop for free, high quality fitness programming on YouTube, and leading nutritional supplement company Top Secret Nutrition, will be available for purchase on September 14 at BeFitFitnessNutrition.com.

“The new BeFit supplement line is the perfect complement to a well-rounded fitness regimen,” says BeFit Trainer Nicola Harrington. “The unique, clean and effective products have been developed to enhance the active lifestyle of BeFit’s subscribers by providing nutrients and energy boosting ingredients.”

Combining the expertise of Top Secret Nutrition in sports nutrition and general health management with BeFit’s ability to connect directly with its more than 1.8 million subscribers through its YouTube programming, this revolutionary supplement line is an extension of BeFit’s commitment to providing complete fitness solutions for its audience.

High Quality Ingredients

Developed with high quality ingredients to support the active lifestyle of the growing community of “BeFittersTM”, the GMO free, gluten free and sugar free supplement products include BeFit WHEY Protein, BeFit BURNTM, BeFit PRETM and BeFit MULTITM, the first-ever food based multivitamin with Wellmune, a natural ingredient clinically studied to support your immune system. The BeFit OMEGATM supplement will be available this fall.

Supplement Line

BeFitTM WHEY Protein – Great for on-the-go shakes, baking, smoothies, and other treats. Whey Isolate and Casein Combo. Gluten Free, GMO free with 22 grams of protein and 100 calories per serving.

Helps curb appetite
Promotes Weight Loss
Supports Muscle Recovery
No Artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners

BeFit BURNTM – Helps your body create thermogenesis (heat) to boost metabolism, supports healthy blood sugar levels (already within normal limits).

Promotes Weight Loss
Helps Mobilize Fats for Energy
Supports Blood Sugar Levels
Helps Increase Thermogenesis
Boosts Metabolism

BeFit PRETM – Fresh, energizing and clean pre-workout helps prep for a great workout.

Boosts Energy
Increases Focus
Provides Electrolytes
Increases Endurance

BeFit MULTITM – First ever food based multivitamin with ground-breaking Wellmune® to help support the immune system and fight stress.

Food Based Multivitamin
Organic Antioxidant
Cultured B-Vitamins
Chelated Minerals




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