A Hot Bath can provide the same health benefits as exercising

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According to a recent study from the National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine at Loughborough University, “an hour-long hot bath can boost metabolic health and cause an anti-inflammatory response similar to exercise.” So basically, laying blissfully in a hot bath can provide the same health benefits as exercising? I’d make that my workout routine ANY day!

According to the lead author of the study, Steve Faulkner, ”only recently has science begun to understand how passive heating (as opposed to getting hot and sweaty from exercise) improves health.” For their study, Faulkner’s team showed that a group of bathers burned about 140 calories per session, “which is about what they would have used on a half-hour walk.” The bathers also showed an improved ability to control blood sugar, which is important for a healthy metabolism.

The traditional Epsom salt soak remedy has been around for centuries, and for more good reason. Epsom Salt is an easy way to replenish lost magnesium and sulfate, essential for many biological processes including stabilizing blood pressure, relieve tension by removing lactic acid and impurities to soothe muscle aches and speed recovery, increase osmotic pressure on the skin, drawing and flushing out toxins, and much, much more.

Dr Teal’s, the #1 Epsom salt brand, offers an at-home bath collection with therapeutic benefits focused on the healing power of Epsom salt. Switch up your daily routine and soak in a spa haven – your body will thank you.
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