SHA Wellness Clinic Launches Bioenergetic Unit

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SHA Wellness Clinic Launches Bioenergetic Unit. The renowned SHA Wellness Clinic near Alicante, Spain, has launched a new Bioenergetic Unit, adding to its wide range of pioneering services. Operated by Dr. Ana María Oliva, expert in biotechnology, the therapy aims to help clients attain the perfect balance between the body and mind.

Inspired by Oriental medicine, Bioenergetic Therapy focuses on recovering both the physical and energetic balance in the body, using the electromagnetic energy field produced by the body, in order to attain full health and overall wellbeing. “The main advantage of this approach is that it helps us detect signs of imbalances before a lesion or certain diseases occur,” states Dr. Oliva.

Bioenergetic medicine believes that the language of the body (expression, posture and breathing) reveals the story of the individual. The therapy consists of examining the overall physical-physiological condition of the individual and what causes the imbalance. Guests at SHA Wellness Clinic will now be able to avail themselves of the Bioenergetic Therapy services, with the aim of eliminating stress, preventing disease and improving overall wellbeing.

Dr. Oliva adds, “Some of the most common causes of energy imbalances are stress, excess viral loads, the existence of imbalances in the body’s ‘ecosystem’ (fungi, bacteria, parasites) and the excess of electromagnetic contamination.” After the diagnosis, electromagnetic signals stimulate self-healing by using non-invasive techniques.

For more information about SHA Wellness Clinic, visit: www.ShaWellnessClinic.com.




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