Sustainable Fashion: Rent & Lend with Kookopa

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Goddess community, are you ready for Kookopa [koo-koh-pa]. A new fashion community for women to rent fashion to and from each. With Kookopa, women can discover their best friends, roommates and sisters closet all rolled into one! This peer-to-peer BORROW AND LEND platform offers women new looks from designers like Marc Jacobs, Dolce & Gabana, Herver Leger and Vera Wang.

How it works:

BORROW: Whether you want to dress for an event or just want to constantly refresh your looks, Kookopa offers TWO options – an event based rental option for 5 days, 2 weeks or 1 month (select items only) or a subscription model where women can rent multiple items and keep them for one month. This latter lets subscribers rent three designer pieces per month with a combined value of over $1,500 for just $175 – less than the cost of one dress from an upscale casual retailer. Every month, women select three pieces – from thousands of available options – that are delivered to their doorstep. At the end of the month, members simply ship the items back in a pre-paid envelope provided.

LEND: Being emotionally attached to their clothes, most women refuse to get rid of their clothes because they may want to wear them again someday. So what’s the solution? Kookopa offers TWOoptions for women to monetize their closet hassle-free and consistently (Yes, you can make money off the same item over and over again!!). The “Do-it-yourself” option allows women to create their own listings and keep up to 80% of the rental price on any of their items every time they rent it. On the other hand, with the “White glove service”, the Kookopa team takes care of professionally photographing, listing and shipping the clothes. With this option, the lender keeps up to 60% of the rental price. It’s easy, exciting and rewarding!!

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