WishGarden, The Health & Wellness Brand “Must Have”

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WishGarden, The Health & Wellness Brand “Must Have”. We had our staff take a few of their products and WOW – its amazing for cold and flu symptoms. WishGarden makes herbal formulas in the form of tinctures, teas, salves, and more. Tinctures are fresh or dried herbs that are extracted in alcohol or glycerin.

The herb gets strained out, and the remaining liquid is what’s in the bottle. In herbal medicine, it is common practice to combine several different herbs in a single formulation with a chief purpose in mind.

The herbs usually bring different properties to the table, and can also work synergistically for an amplified effect. Each herb in a botanical formula is carefully chosen in an attempt to ensure optimal balance for the optimal effect. Link into their world here – https://www.wishgardenherbs.com/




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