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July 16, 2020

Aiyana Ma'at

Aiyana Ma’at Creates Online Mental Health Platform

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Mental health advocate, licensed therapist and startup founder, Aiyana Ma’at has created a new online counseling platform called Perspective that will prioritize the mental health needs of the Black community. It is the first online platform whose mission is to prioritize the African American community by providing 100% online professional counseling — anytime, anywhere. It is like “having a therapist in your pocket.” The black community will now have the…

Michael B. Jordan & Tessa Thompson

Michael B. Jordan & Tessa Thompson introduce “A Night At The Drive-In”

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Michael B. Jordan & Tessa Thompson introduce A NIGHT AT THE DRIVE-IN. “A Night at the Drive-In”, hosted by Amazon Studios, Prime Video and Michael B. Jordan’s Outlier Society, is a nationwide summer screening program featuring a wide selection of films celebrating multi-cultural voices in cinema. In an effort to evoke the nostalgic joy of a summer evening at the drive-in with family and friends, attendance will be at no…

Stacy Kirk

Stacy Kirk launches a platform to secure patient data

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Stacy Kirk founded her first company, software consulting firm QualityWorks LLC, after working in the tech space for a decade. A leading Black-owned software consulting company specializing in digital transformation, web and mobile application development, and software testing, the tech startup recently celebrated not only its first decade but also a quadrupled revenue since a 2015 expansion to Jamaica. After experiencing the challenges of establishing a cybersecurity program for her…