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New Book must have goddess couture news friends –  Soak, scrub, and soothe your way to relaxation with simple homemade spa recipes from award-winning author Aubre Andrus. Using some of nature’s best ingredients, such as beeswax, sugar, coconut oil, shea butter, avocado, sea salt, essential oils, and more, BOTANICAL BEAUTY gives instructions on how to craft everything from a Cooling Peppermint Hand Cream to a Vanilla Honey Body Scrub. Make practical products, like your own all-natural Bugs-Be-Gone Insect Repellent, Minty Homemade Toothpaste, and Natural Shaving Cream. Or pamper yourself after a long day with a Re-energizing Tub Tea, Lovely Lavender Bath Salts, and a Deep Conditioning Treatment. Nourish your body from head to toe with these organic, handmade recipes and crafts, or package them as a gift to share a fresh, fun spa experience.

Aubre Andrus is an award-winning children’s book author with books published by Scholastic, American Girl, and more. She loves writing both fiction and non-fiction. Before becoming a freelance writer, she was the Lifestyle Editor of American Girl magazine. Aubre currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband. Visit her Web site and portfolio at

What the Author has to say about the book: “I’m a very allergic person and have very sensitive skin, but it’s so hard to find fragrance free products, or products that are alcohol-free. in fact, it’s almost impossible! I’ve always wanted to look into natural alternatives that i could make at home, but i thouht it would be overwhelming and time consuming. however, in researching this book, I developed recipes that are made from high-quality natural ingredients – ingredients that many beauty companies charge a premium for, even though their products will only include a small amount of said ingredient. these recipes don’t dillute the high-quality ingredients with water or add harsh ingredients that act as preservaitives. and the recipes are fairly quick and simple, so making small batches again and again isn’t an issue. I feel like i discovered a big secret that the beauty companies don’t want anyone to know…creating natural and safe beauty products at home is possible!”

BOTANICAL BEAUTY will be released on March 1, 2017.






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