Activate Your Midbrain To Create Miracles

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Activate Your Midbrain To Create Miracles. In this video preview from Dr. Pillai’s December 22nd webcast, Dr. Pillai explains the difference between the midbrain, which can bypass space and time, and the neo-Cortex, which is more caught up in analytical thinking. Yogis operate from the mid-brain.

For the yogi, cause and effect are the same. Yogis don’t have to wait for time to pass, in order to manifest. When you awaken the mid-Brain and are able to think from the level of the mid-Brain, you can make things happen, faster, and life becomes easy. The mid-brain is within each of us and currently, we are not using it. problems which need miracles can be resolved easily, just by activating the midbrain; Dr. Pillai will share the secret of how to move to the mid-brain and think from there.


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