THE BLACK BERRY BEAUTY A Sacred Healing Center

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Discover the lover in you!  At THEBLACKBERRYBEAUTY this is exactly what we would like to help you discover.  Your true self; your vibrant, beautiful, joyful self that may be blocked by some ailment, like tumors, cancer or just a feeling of anxiety, worry, stress and woe.

THEBLACKBERRYBEAUTY, a sacred healing center dedicated to the caring of the womb,through natural organic raw/living foods, meditational techniques, womb yoga and dances, visualizations, affirmations and overall nutrition.  If you are a woman, or a man who loves women, then you may have at one time experienced a womb affliction. These are so-called “incurable diagnosis” disguising itself as fibroid tumors, uterine or cervical cancer, endometriosis, hysterectomies, menstrual problems, heavy bleeding, STD’s,  diabetes, depression, anxieties, sudden weight gain, and many other womb issues.

At THEBLACKBERRYBEAUTY we are dedicated to helping women heal themselves naturally with the love and attention that they deserve.

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