Blooming Lotus, Brings Love, Abundance, Strength

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Goddess news for those who love great jewelry. Blooming Lotus an inspiring jewelry collection that when worn ignites a fire within your soul and allows you to manifest specific intentions.

From unique mala bracelets offering protection to radiant crystals and 108-beaded necklaces offering clarity and enlightenment, Blooming Lotus offers something for everyone making it the perfect gift for any occasion. We included a brief boiler below, as well as have provided several images of our favorite pieces! Link into their world at

Whether it’s love, abundance, strength or even intuition, Blooming Lotus offers its customers a collection of bracelets, necklaces and crystals made up of precious stones and sustainable beads that will manifest an abundance of inspirational qualities all while calming the mind, body and soul. What other jewelry brands offer its customers that?

Inspiring you to live the life you want to live rests at the core of Blooming Lotus’ manifesto. Founded in 2010 by pediatric Occupational Therapist Jennifer Ciraulo, the bohemian-chic capsule collection of hand-knotted, yoga-inspired bracelets and necklaces is meant to evoke fire in the soul using rare crystals and beads. Featuring personal touches of spiritual symbols and meaningful gemstones, when worn, each piece reminds us to keep the mind focused on where the heart ultimately longs to be.

With each unit sold, Blooming Lotus donates 5% of proceeds to various pediatric charities, including Support the Kid, The Autism Society of America and the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Additionally, every October, a portion of sales from the breast cancer awareness bracelet goes to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. For more information and to view the collection, please visit Blooming Lotus’ website:




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