Brown Bō’hēmians,The Must Read Book!

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From the moment this book arrived in our office, a pleasant delight overtook our staff. With al the fuss of the social media world. There something magically about opening this amazing book called Brown Bō’hēmians.

Brown Bō’hēmians captures the essence and voice of an underrepresented demographic: creative people of color. Influenced by a deeply held belief that stories sculpt our collective narrative, a group of authors and artists came together to create this first-of-its-kind collection. Inspired by their unique tastes and experiences in fashion, lifestyle, and art, Brown Bō’hēmians brings a vital and virtual movement, born on social media, to life and into print.

Brown Bō’hēmians

People of color are the originators of all things, yet are all too often overlooked. Each of our stories is unique, but collectively they contribute to the rebuilding of community, and counter hundreds of years of colonialism, narrow minded and harmful media representation, non-inclusive and conformist beauty standards, and a systemic, historical lack of recognition for our contributions. Brown Bō’hēmians reclaims a small piece of a space that has always been rightfully ours. Link into their world here at –

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  1. I just bought this book and it is so much more than I expected. I love seeing beautiful images of my people but this is deeper than just the images. Going to give some away as gifts.

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