Detox Stress From Your Life

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Detox Stress From Your Life – Yoga & Meditation Expert and Award Winning Author of The International Best Seller, Vibrational Upgrade: A Conspiracy for Your Bliss: Easing Humanity’s Evolutionary Transition

As fast paced as the world moves today it would be nice to detox and lose some of the stress surrounding our everyday lives. There is so much we can do for ourselves holistically to help recharge our minds, bodies, and spirit.

We’ve all felt stuck in place at one point or overwhelmed and over stressed. Dr. Alison’s book will help you to focus on how to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life, and how to relax and not take life too seriously.

Award-winning Author Dr. Alison J. Kay has over twenty years of experience in energy medicine and can guide you through the steps to destress your life, including moving to and living and working in Asia for 10 years, while studying subtle energy and holistic health and wellness tools and longevity, in great part due to wanting then help Americans learn a different way. She can provide insight on how to live a more fulfilling, peaceful, and happy life. Her experience allows her to demonstrate how our mind, body and spirit are innately designed for optimal well-being and health.

Dr. Alison J. Kay can answer the following questions:

* How can we easily detox the stress from our lives?

* How is meditation simpler than we may think and key in living a peaceful and happy lifestyle?

* What is an energy clearing and how would that help me feel lighter?

* What are a few simple holistic tools I can begin to help me feel more joy? (take out please: How does one begin to live a holistic lifestyle?)
Meet Dr. Alison J. Kay:

* Founder of the Vibrational Upgrade System

* Yoga and Meditation Expert

* Holistic Lifestyle Strategist geared towards thriving instead of just getting by

* Chi Gong teacher trained in Asia

* Award Winning Author of the international best seller Vibrational Upgrade: A Conspiracy for Your Bliss: Easing Humanity’s Evolutionary Transition

* Twenty years in energy medicine with satisfied folks from all across the globe, all ages, now thriving!

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