English Laundry’s Pretty Box Great Fragrance By Christopher Wicks

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What a great gift to give all women for this Holiday. Pretty Box great fragrance all-inclusive in a cool box that has the perfume, bottle spray and hand lotion. Christopher Wicks’ English Laundry brand is available all over the world at high-end retailers, including Nordstrom and Dillard’s, and is a favorite among Birchbox subscribers. English Laundry offers luxurious fragrances for both men and women, from long-time perfume connoisseurs to new scent enthusiasts.

Inspired by country gardens, English Rose features traces of white chocolate and rich, floral notes with a woodsy finish. Bright and fruity, No 7 hints at pear, jasmine, melon, and apricot, yet stays grounded with a subtle nod toward more masculine musks. Keep in mind, many of these fragrances come in ready-made gift sets that would make a perfect present this holiday season. And because English Laundry caters to both men and women, savvy shoppers could also pick something up for themselves.

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