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Have The Best Summer Smile

Summer is the time to ramp up your social life, get in shape and feel good about yourself. Whether it’s a weekend getaway to the Hamptons, a cross-country adventure, or one of the many weddings you’ll be attending this season, be sure that you look your best from head-to-toe.

Check out this tips from renowned aesthetic dentist, Dr. Michael Apa and his thoughts on having a “must-have” accessory – a healthy, bright and white smile.

Have The Best Summer Smile

1. Limit the juicing – With bathing suit season in full swing, juicing becomes a popular trend throughout the summer. While it’s great for your body, it’s not so great for your oral health. Not only does it stain your teeth, but it also cuts down on chewing since juicing tends to replace meals. Chewing stimulates saliva, which can act as a powerful tool in rinsing stains and fighting against cavities.

2. Bleach before the beach –The greatest part about having so many over-the-counter methods to whiten your teeth these days is that bleach strips are nearly invisible and only have to be worn for an hour a day. Since maximum efficacy of most bleach strips happens in the first 15 minutes, maximize your results by using three strips a session, changing them every 15 minutes for a total of 45 minutes a day.

3. Combine your pastes – While whitening toothpastes have silica in them to scrub away stains, there is some unresolved controversy about the damage they may cause to the enamel. To get the maximum stain removal effect safely, alternate the whitening paste every other day with a non-abrasive high fluoride paste.

4. Take care of your lips – Having healthy, luscious lips protected against the summer sun is the best way to impress that summer fling you’re enjoying. Make sure to always use lip protectants that have SPF in it. A great way to highlight your smile and make your teeth look whiter is to use a balm with light hues of red.

5. Out with the old, in with the new: Invest in an electric toothbrush – It’s time to toss the hand-held toothbrush and replace it with an effective sonic toothbrush. Not only will this keep your gums healthier and your teeth cavity-free, but it will also keep your smile looking white and free of any stains from coffee and happy hour wine.

6. Act like a model – A great trick that many models use during photo shoots to give a little extra shine to their smile is rubbing a thin layer of Vaseline® on the teeth. It acts as a tooth gloss that captures light shining on your teeth and reflects it back for an extra element of brightness. So smooth a little over those pearly whites and pretend like you’re strutting down the catwalk.


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