Health, Brain, Chakra Enlightenment Formula from Nambu Botanicals

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Health, Brain, Chakra Enlightenment Formula from Nambu Botanicals. Nambu Herbs is a division of Nambu Botanicals dedicated to Conscious Herbal Healthcare. Their team follows the ancient traditions of crafting transformational herbal products for your ultimate physical and spiritual well being.

The Nambu name stands for the highest quality of safe and effective herbs. A unique factor in the herbal market place is that our herbal blends are infused with powerful healing sound frequencies. This science of sound frequencies in herbs has been around for 1000’s of years in southern India with Siddha tradition, where they heal every malady the body can face with phoneme vibrations.  We are taking the same powerful sounds (we call them phonemes) and infusing these frequencies with the grains of siddha herbs powder -making them in US FDA reviewed manufacturing companies and available for all.  Our Founder, Dr. Pillai hails from this lineage.  They are truly and scientifically “blessed” herbal supplements.

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