Holiday Decorating to Promote Wellness & Create Harmony in Your Home

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With over 41 million people in the United States living with undiagnosed ADHD and anxiety, emmy-award winning producer and acclaimed artist Susie Frazier lived most of her life with these same conditions. In an effort to ease her symptoms, Fraizer developed her own mythology, rooted in biophilia,for enhancing spaces in ways that ease the overstimulated brain.

Detailed in her new book Designing For Wellness delivers a collection of 15 mindful tips that anyone can implement at home in order to nurture their own emotional well-being.

Now available for interviews and expert commentary, Frazier can discuss:

DIY holiday table decorating and gift gifting to make your holidays more meaningful by bringing peace into your home

New table ideas – steel napkin rings allow for hosts to magnetically attach different intentional blocks to each one! Fun idea: go around the table and ask your guest to say something for which they are thankful as it relates to their word

Bringing the outside elements inside – pulling plants and driftwood indoors to feature distressed texture, natural cracks and faded earth tones for your table centerpiece

Changes you can make to your own living space that will help you feel less stressed or more at ease no matter the place or size

How the next era of interior design and home improvement is all about the mind Website:


Holiday Decorating to Promote Wellness & Create Harmony in Your Home

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