KeVita Sparkling Probiotic Drinks, A Refreshing Beverage Right For You

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Probiotics are becoming a hot topic as they’re known to help your body fight diseases, but many people don’t understand how these microorganisms contribute to a healthy and vibrant immune system (check out the infographic below for a visual example). Probiotics have also been linked to weight loss, healthy gums and teeth, decreased blood pressure and more. Introducing KeVita Sparkling Probiotic drinks, a refreshing, non-dairy and low-calorie way to add disease-fighting probiotics into a daily diet. The drinks are the perfect healthy boost and offer a lightly sparkling, refreshing fruit juice taste in 12 flavors.

Each bottle of KeVita contains 4 Billion CFUs (colony-forming units) at time of manufacture and is:

– Low CalorieKing
– Gluten Free
– Vegan
– USDA Certified Organic
– Non-GMO Project Verified

In addition, KeVita recently launched two new lines, KeVita Master Brew Kombuchas and KeVita Cleansing Probiotic Tonics, for consumers looking for a bolder taste (kombuchas) or more concentrated doses of specific healthy ingredients (tonics).


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