Obsessed Hair Peppermint Oil Must Have

Obsessed Hair Oil is unparalleled in the industry due to its all-natural, anti-weathering formula, which contains no sulfates, parabens, synthetic dyes or any harsh chemicals. Sherry Harris, President and CEO at Sherry’s Life – “We formulated this pure, all-natural oil to organically penetrate hair strands and reverse hair damage from chemical treatment, heat damage, grooming habits, and environmental exposure, which now result in soft, manageable hair.

Obsessed Hair Oil’s beneficial formula features natural oils including Jojoba, Rosemary and Peppermint oils, which work together to deliver strength, shine and protection from naturally derived vitamins and antioxidants. Excessive or repeated chemical treatment, heating tools, poor diet, bad grooming practices and environmental exposure produce changes in hair texture and can result in hair loss, hair breakage, hair fiber fracture, frizziness, dry, brittle hair and split ends. These changes can be seen microscopically as “weathering” of the hair shaft.

Weathering is the progressive degeneration from the root to the tip of the hair. Harris continues “Our proprietary restorative formula builds upon the success of Jojoba by adding Rosemary and Peppermint oil for a wider variety of fatty acids and botanical actives, which can successfully reverse ‘weathering’ – lipid loss caused by environmental stresses, chemical treatments and heat damage.” Sherry’s Life is devoted to helping your hair grow healthy from root to end, hair that’s nourished from the inside with our hair oil https://sherryslife.com/obsessed-hair-oil




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