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Randi Shinder, creator of CLEAN Perfume, is back to conquer the fragrance world one scent at a time with her new project, “i smell great.” Shinder, a pioneer in the beauty industry, is launching the first ever product line that extracts scent molecules directly from the things women love most. The collection uses true extraction technology to recreate long-lasting, sophisticated perfumes.

“I was looking for a product that did what it promised,” said Randi Shinder. “I took some time after my last successful acquisition to analyze the market place and found there are a lot of likeminded women out there. What was born is a brand that embodies greatness– i smell great.”

i smell great, which is made in  the United States, follows a round of successes for Shinder. In 2003, she partnered with multi-platinum recording artist Jessica Simpson to create the groundbreaking Dessert Beauty fragrance and body care line and in 2005, LipFusion, the first micro-injected collagen lip plumper under Fusion Beauty.

Shinder’s i smell great collection is intended to leave behind a simple and gentle feminine fragrance. The line features a range of hair fragrances, eau de parfums, wellness water mists, soft body whips, and reactive lush lip hydrations and is offered in four intoxicating selections: Angel Cake, Beach Babe, Candy Crush, and Wild Honey. The products deliver aromas of powdered sugar, candied flower petals, tropical breezes and hints of honey, leaving behind a simple and soothing trail of scents. By using an extractor, the scents are sent to a lab and recreated, carefully mixed and bottled for greatness. However, the real emphasis is on the patented self-renewing scent sphere technology that reactivates for up to 6-8 hours for a lasting experience. “I want women to create their own unique scent, one that will represent her mood and the way she feels for the day.” explained Shinder. “With the self-renewing sphere technology, consumers will be able to create ‘greatness’ by layering long-lasting scents that reach their personal desire.”

The i smell great collection is intended to be combined to satisfy one’s own taste. The scent-sphere technology allows the fragrance to be activated hours after the first application and later by applying pressure or motion. The sweet smells are unlocked in the scent spheres and released. The i smell great collection is now available for purchase on www.ismellgreat.com and retails from $32 to $68. Shinder will be expanding her collection of greatness with even more unique and innovative products in 2015. Her focus is on empowering women to mix and create their own version of greatness in fragrances. For more information, please visit www.ismellgreat.com.


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