“Say’s Who?” The Book & Question That Will Change How You Think

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You’re fat. You’re ugly. Nobody wants you. You’re not good enough to be here. You should just keep quiet because nobody cares about what you have to say. Do those words conjure up tension in your body? Do they hit a nerve and make you want to knock me right out?

Of course you do! And you should want to! None of those words are kind or necessary – and most of all, are not even true!

But be honest: have you ever been guilty of saying and asking yourself those same kinds of questions, if not the exact same ones? Of berating yourself for not knowing enough, being enough, doing enough? I certainly have. But since you wouldn’t let anyone talk to your best friend, your kids, or anyone you love that way, why would you allow yourself to talk to you that way?

Introducing a book that gets to the raw, most honest part of you, asking you to confront your negative thoughts, and to get rid of them forever. In her first book, Says Who? How One Simple Question Can Change The Way You Think Forever (releasing this spring), mindfulness coach and author, Ora Nadrich, explains – in layman’s terms – how your thoughts create your feelings. And if you can exert control over your thoughts – and learn where they came from – you can gain control over your future feelings, actions, and ultimately, the fate of the rest of your life.

Wouldn’t that be amazing? No more self-hate. No more self-deprecating talk. Just peace and love. John Lennon would be proud. Won’t you give inner peace a chance?

Ora urges her clients and readers to think of their negative thoughts as intruders, similar if someone was trying to break into your house. You wouldn’t stand for that! You would pull out all the stops to protect your loved ones and your property. You would either get on the phone and call 911 (a wise choice) or grab a baseball bat and your Rottweiler and try to beat that intruder down (not the safest choice, but go for it!).

Ora suggests a more reasonable approach when it comes to preventing your negative thoughts, or rather, intruders.

First, understand that the thought(s) is invading your private space and doesn’t belong there. Then ask:

1. What do you want?

2. What are you doing here?

From there comes a succession of answers based solely on the unique experience of the person asking the questions.

But all the answers lead to the one big question that has become Ora’s method for helping people to become unstuck, and to move beyond their negative thoughts.

Says who?

You’re fat? Says who? You? Your mom? The kid from first grade who told you that you couldn’t sit next to him because you were too big? Who told you that? And why do you still believe it?

The point of the Q&A exercise is to help people realize that not all of their thoughts are their own – or even have a basis in reality. We think they are, but really, they are beliefs that have been passed down and created from our past experiences.

Ora follows that main question (Says Who) with 6 other complementary ones to help delve deeper into the thought that is creating your negative self-talk, and to help release and replace it with a more positive one.

Make no mistake about it; mindfulness is all the rage these days because we are all thirsty for something to get us out of our negative self-talk. Because deep down, on some level, we all understand that we cannot lead a happy and fulfilled life if our inner dialogue is conflicted or causing us to suffer.

Ora’s book is designed to give you a crash course in helping to identify and recognize your thought patterns that lead to emotional land mines that are derailing you from your purpose.

Do not keep this book from your audience! This information is important, and can end a lot of suffering and inner turmoil, not to mention lead to great success and prosperity!

If you are interested in featuring Ora and her book, please call or e-mail me.

For more information on Ora, visit http://www.oranadrich.com


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