Sleep Deprivation Is On The Rise Among Americans

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Did You Know? The Popular Product IntelliGEL, Found in Our Shoe Insoles That We Love so Much is Also Found in a Bed That is Bringing The Same Amazing Kind of Comfort to Our Backs! Sleep deprivation is on the rise among Americans and is worse than ever according to recent stats from the CDC showing that over 40% of Americans now suffer with sleep issues.

As these numbers grow so does the concern that we are not taking this sleep issue serious enough. Medical studies and sleep experts are finding that not getting enough sleep may be the cause of so many mental and health issues we see plaguing our society today from stress, depression, weak immune systems, ADD, Postpartum and even proving that this is carrying over into the workplace. According to research by the National Academy of Sciences stating that sleep deprivation costs the economy $63 billion a year in lost productivity.

Some of these same studies are also finding that the rise of sleep disorders are caused by some pretty common culprits such as stress, environment, work and children but…. a not so common culprit may actually be our mattress. The mattress buying process for most people is very long and expensive which causes them to quickly settle on something without doing the proper research. This research is crucial in order to find you the bed that is not only comfortable and best suited for your body but, to also make consumers aware of the health risk that come with most mattresses.

IntelliBED is quickly becoming the leader in sleep wellness because they are making this process easy to buy and try their mattress and giving Americans back the much needed sleep that have been deprived of for so long. “Finally, a deep-healing restful sleep regardless of age or injury” says Robert J. Troell, MD, Stanford university.

IntelliBED opened its first store in Utah in 2002 and now has several retail Sleep Wellness stores in Utah. IntelliBED is quickly becoming the nationally recognized leader in sleep wellness. The company is not in the business of just selling mattresses, but focuses on helping provide the best night’s sleep possible. IntelliBED has the exclusive licensing rights to use Intelli-Gel® advanced cushioning material in mattresses for home use. Working with medical professionals and advanced sleep technologies, IntelliBED has developed specialty mattresses for people suffering from sleep related pain due to back, hip, shoulder or neck issues.

Intelli-Gel® is a true breakthrough in sleep technology…the first breakthrough in 40 years and by far the most significant to date. Intelli-Gel® is the only material that can both reduce pressure points and provide horizontal support for the spine and recessed areas of the body at the same time. This is important because it provides the comfort needed to sleep soundly while providing the vital horizontal alignment support the spine needs for its long-term health.




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