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The Future of Fitness is Outdoor Adventure

The Future of Fitness is Outdoor Adventure. Sol Guide Certification redefines fitness, breathing fresh air into today’s cooped up workouts. The dynamic online course and two-day teacher training unveils the benefits of integrating traditional fitness training with mindfulness techniques in the great outdoors, and is designed to help fitness professionals, outdoor guides and weekend warriors plan and lead high quality outdoor fitness experiences and retreats for their clients, friends and families. Melanie Webb, wellness travel expert and thought leader, created Sol Guide Certification to help individuals apply hard-earned gym fitness to a real world journey.

“The professional fitness and outdoor industries have operated in isolation for too long. With modern scientific discovery and innovation, we can no longer ignore the benefits of nature on the brain and body,” says Webb, who has spent over 10 years developing successful outdoor fitness trips across the USA and internationally. “Sol Guide Certification teaches mind/body professionals, such as personal fitness trainers and yoga instructors, and outdoor travel guides how to harness the power of nature and fitness combined to promote a healthier way of life.”

The future of fitness is nature. To maximize overall health and wellbeing, the program teaches participants how to combine traditional fitness and mindfulness techniques with outdoor activities in natural surroundings. With over 20 hours of compelling video, puzzles, tests, games and storytelling, Sol Guide Certification arms fitness experts and outdoor guides with an innovative toolkit to master the art of meditation and relaxation techniques, develop leadership skills, navigate legal requirements, build new revenue streams, and share this insight and practice with others.

“Melanie Webb and her program Sol Guide have coached and guided me every step of the way as I launch my new fitness adventures service. As a business owner and a mom, my time is limited and Sol guide has provided a unique cutting edge forum to allow me to learn at my own pace,” says Chris Kirchoff, Owner of Kirchoff Fitness in Seattle, Washington.

This summer, Webb successfully fundraised over $10,000 USD to elevate and prepare Sol Guide Certification for nation-wide release. Sol Guide first debuted in early 2015 at Utah’s Adventure + Gear Fest to local acclaim and was one of 10 finalists in the Grow Utah Outdoor Recreation Innovators Contest. Webb also exhibited her outdoor innovation at the 2015 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market. For more information about Sol Guide Certification by Melanie Webb, visit 



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