Three Things Every Woman Should Know About Creating an Online Empire

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Fearless entrepreneur, Cait Scudder has taken the art of business and travel to a whole new level, sharing her own experiences to grow and make an impact. Sharing with you ‘Three Things Every Woman Should Know About Creating an Online Empire from ANYWHERE!’

Growing a 6-figure brand is a dream for most, but today Cait Scudder is teaching women how to make that dream a reality! Scudder is teaching women how to create a business that puts them in the driver’s seat and lets THEM design the lives of their dreams, whether that’s traveling the world or building a business from their laptop. She is creating a movement about women harnessing the power of their gifts and using those gifts to create impact rich, financially free lives that ripple out and impact the world for the better.

With a mission to equip ambitious, visionary women with the structure, systems, and support needed to launch and lead a wildly profitable business. Scudder empowers over 25,000 go-getters to defer from self-doubt and burnout straight into the power to make between $10K-$50K a month.

Women in Business

Scudder is such a pro on this subject that she’ll be presenting at TEDX Oneoneta on Friday, Sept. 13, at Slade Theater at Hartwick College in Oneonta, NY for the theme “Rising is a risk. Here’s why it’s worth taking.” Talking and challenging many on taking a leap to success. read more here

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