Unlock Your The Glow15 lifestyle with Tea!

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Unlock Your The Glow15 lifestyle with Tea! GLOW15 brings to the limelight a science-based plan featuring a Nobel Prize-winning process that will change our lifestyle choices for the better Autophagy is a biological process occurs in all of us. Translated it means: Auto – Self, Phagy- Eating. It is the process of eliminating toxins at the cellular level and converting them to energy, or “recycling” parts of our cells. However, this process slows down as we age. As a result, we lose energy, gain weight and our youthful glow diminishes.

Good news is we can train our cells to act younger and slow the cellular aging process! Through extensive research on exercise, diet, nutrition, and sleep, Naomi Whittel and her team of doctors, nutritionists and exercise specialists have found the path to reinvigorate cells in as quickly as 15 days by activating autophagy. The results of following this lifestyle plan are GLOWING!




The Glow15 lifestyle is a combination of a healthy high fat diet, intermittent fasting, protein cycling and specific exercises like resistance training and HIIT workouts (only 30 minutes) 4 times a week. All study subjects lost body fat, weight, improved their blood pressure, sleep quality, skin satisfaction and more.

But you can start to activate you autophagy with a simple 3 step tea.

Naomi created AutophaTea to help keep you satiated, focused and energized.

AutophaTea Recipe Ingredients:

1 Green Tea bag

1 Earl Grey with Citrus Bergamot tea bag

1 Tablespoon Raw Coconut Oil

1 Cinnamon Stick

1 Teaspoon Trehalose (optional)

Step 1: Bring 1 to 1 1/2 cups of water to boil, pour into a large mug with both tea bags and cinnamon stick

Step 2: Let it steep for at least 3 minutes or longer, then discard tea bags

Step 3: Add the coconut oil and using the cinnamon stick

All this and more can be found in Naomi’s new book: Glow15,

an instant New York Times and Wall Street Journal Best Seller


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