Women of Color Unite (WOCU), Must Join Today!

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Women of Color Unite (WOCU) hosted their 1st Annual Auntie Brunch this weekend in Los Angeles at the Globe Theater. What a treat to hear from all the lovely women of all nationalities. We love what this organization is doing to bring all people be it your race, skill or should you be disabled TOGETHER as one cohesive unit.

Learn more get involved – Link into their website here at https://wocunite.com/

Women of Color Unite (WOCU) is a social action organization focusing on fair access, fair treatment and fair pay for women of color in all aspects of the entertainment and media industries.

This organization works towards these goals by creating self-sustaining long-term programs for:

  1. Facilitating fair hiring practices;
  2. Fostering a more inclusive and diverse workplace environment;
  3. Promoting access for excluded content creators;
  4. Expanding audiences represented by those excluded content creators;
  5. Raise funds for WOCU to produce their own content;
  6. Hold events, seminars, workshops, panels and summits to get more women of color hired, fund their projects and distribute their content;
  7. Work with additional organizations to develop analytics of under-represented
    marginalized groups to better identify their needs; and,
  8. Help companies incubate talent and integrate them into their work force.

About Women of Color Unite (501(c)3)

Women of Color Unite is the largest active non-profit group of women of color working in the entertainment industry.

To hire the women, fund their projects and distribute their content, the members of WOCU are compiled on a Google doc, “The JTC List”. The JTC List is named after the founder’s mother, activist Joan Theresa Curtis.

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