Yara Shahidi on What It Means “To Be a Black Girl”

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Yara Shahidi on What It Means “To Be a Black Girl”.  To be a black girl is to be one of the reasons the universe thrives.

Our lineage has taught me that I am integral, that we are important, even when society dismisses us, hiding the wonder of our presence, a trail set for and before us by generations of powerful and empowered Black women.

Bell hooks, Angela Davis, Janet Mock, Cicely Tyson, Patrisse Khan-Cullurs – an ever growing list of undisputed change-makers and boundary-expanders.

Each and every one of us, embracing our obligation to serve as a mother-shepherd to our society, experiencing with a knowingness the excruciating pains of labor in hopes that the continual rebirth and evolution of our nation will be one that revels in our existence, that lifts us as empowered beings, and that remembers the tenderness of our care.

A study of my history tells me that I will soar, despite the continuation of oppression, neglect and objectification. We will soar. I’m inspired by my own family of powerful black women, I carry the intention to continue making space for black girls to be black girls.  Link in here at https://www.google.com/culturalinstitute/beta/theme/mwIS7cDlFr7sJg

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