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February 16, 2016

5 Arenas For Improving Wellness At Work In 2016

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5 Arenas For Improving Wellness At Work In 2016. While it’s no surprise that losing weight consistently ranks at the top of New Year’s resolutions, Dr. Donna L. Hamilton says obsession with weight is often too narrow a focus. “For many, weight is a symptom of a lifestyle that’s not conducive to wellness,” says Dr. Hamilton, author of “Wellness Your Way: The Short and Sweet Guide to Creating Your Custom Plan…

PurErb Herbology-Based Skincare and Aromatherapy

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PurErb Herbology-Based Skincare and Aromatherapy. Yes to PurErb™ takes topical skincare into a new dimension through luxuriously-crafted, herbology-based skincare and aromatherapy products, plus specially-designed jade and celadon facial tools which facilitate facial massage along the Meridian lines. Together, they create a comprehensive, sensuous, and revitalizing experience designed to transform body, mind, and overall wellness. PurErb™ products are a unique amalgamation of over 100 antioxidant- and vitamin-rich oils, butters, and botanical extracts…