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About Year Of Return, Ghana 2019

The Year of Return, Ghana 2019 – What is Year of Return?

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The Year of Return, Ghana 2019 – What is Year of Return? The “Year of Return, Ghana 2019” is a major landmark spiritual and birth-right journey inviting the Global African family, home and abroad, to mark 400 years of the arrival of the first enslaved Africans in Jamestown, Virginia. The arrival of enslaved Africans marked a sordid and sad period, when our kith and kin were forcefully taken away from…

The Essence of You: Your Guide to Gynecologic Health

New Book Urges Women to Take Control of Their Health

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New Book Urges Women to Take Control of Their Health. Dr. Denise Howard provides vital gynecologic and general medical education – As a practicing physician, Dr. Denise Howard has taken care of women of all ages, backgrounds and socioeconomic statuses and has discerned a troubling pattern: most are not properly equipped with information about their bodies and overall health. This lack of knowledge places them at risk of making poor…

Enjoying Deep Restful Sleep

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Health coaches Michele Periquet & Firouze Zeroual share simple tips for enjoying deep and restful sleep. Let all the Goddess who read us know that sleep is VERY important to maintain your beauty. 1. Eat dinner at least three hours before bedtime. Eating late may leave food undigested in the stomach which interferes with sleep. 2. Avoid sweets, chocolates, juices or sweet drinks, especially at night. Sugar, among other things,…

The 3 Pillars of Strength: Improving Your Physical & Spiritual Fitness

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The 3 Pillars of Strength: Improving Your Physical & Spiritual Fitness. It’s time to be the best person you can be. It’s time for YOU to reach your FULL potential. It’s time to tap into ALL your unique traits and talents that can propel you to greatness. It’s time to face all the challenges and obstacles this world will throw at you with the quiet confidence that you CAN and WILL…

The 10 Understated Qualities of a Truly Beautiful Woman

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The 10 Understated Qualities of a Truly Beautiful Woman. There is no doubt that there is great value assigned to external beauty. For some, how they look physically is simply an expression and celebration of their internal beauty, but often those who are physically attractive are emotionally unattractive. To be beautiful inside and out, you must possess more than a pretty shell. 10 Understated Qualities of Beauty 1. Elegance: Elegance is…

“Say’s Who?” The Book & Question That Will Change How You Think

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You’re fat. You’re ugly. Nobody wants you. You’re not good enough to be here. You should just keep quiet because nobody cares about what you have to say. Do those words conjure up tension in your body? Do they hit a nerve and make you want to knock me right out? Of course you do! And you should want to! None of those words are kind or necessary – and…

Free Yourself From Stress And Take Control Of Your Life

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Free Yourself From Stress And Take Control Of Your Life.Today you can have the New Year’s restart you’ve longed for but never thought possible: A chance to re-launch your life, liberated from overwhelming stress.  Dana Gionta, Ph.D. and Dan Guerra, Psy.D. who are experts in clinical psychology and behavioral change, have written the definitive book on stress relief and self-care. The transformative guide, From Stressed to Centered – A Practical Guide…

Find More Confidence, Less Stress with THE PRACTICE

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Schmidt believes that making subtle shifts in the day will improve inner happiness, creating a positive ripple effect on all areas of life. In her new book, THE PRACTICE (HCI Books), Barb has structured an easy-to-implement, three-part daily routine- Waking Up, Living Present, Letting Go-that will help you look inward, cultivating the beautiful qualities of acceptance, gratitude, patience, compassion, strength, and courage. Barb provides readers with a set of practical…

Unleash The Psychic In You By Joanna Garzilli

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Joanna Garzilli, world’s leading authority on intuition is celebrating the 2nd edition of her book “Unleash The Psychic In You: How To Trust Your Intuition For Success” at the Conscious Life Expo 2015. Garzilli will be teaching her popular interactive workshop “Unleash The Psychic In You Live”. Past attendees have included EG Daily, singer on “The Voice”, Jorge Diaz, movie star of Paranormal Activity, Mandy Ingber, New York Times Bestselling…

THE FUTURE OF TV Words by Pamela Douglas

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It’s never been a more exciting time for TV and the future holds unprecedented opportunities for creativity and innovation. In The Future of Television Pamela Douglas, an award-winning screenwriter and Professor at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, takes us on a tour of the future—buckle up! TV is no longer a box in the living room that families gather around to watch shows that air once and then disappear. Today,…