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We move as a weekly online news magazine devoted to the inner goddess that shines in all women. Our core focus is centered on health, wealth, style, art, beauty, and historical positive facts about women in power. A goddess is passionate. A goddess’s natural state is one of joy and gratitude. A Goddess raises the vibration in a group situation. She inspires others. She has a palpable energy and enthusiasm that is contagious and beneficial to those around her. A goddess is continually learning and evolving.

A goddess is authentic. She has learned to express her emotions cleanly and healthily. A goddess knows her own truth. A goddess is committed to healing the earth and works towards peace and understanding — whether it is on a large scale or simply within her family and closest circle of friends. She contributes to cleaning up the environment and teaches the next generation to do likewise.

A goddess takes care of herself. A goddess sees her body (and the earth) as sacred and is in tune with natural cycles. She treats herself as well as she would treat her best friend. She is compassionate and forgiving with herself and others. A goddess knows how to share and is generous of spirit, but she knows her limitations and does not give more than what she can afford emotionally, financially, physically, or energy-wise. What’s great is the fact that we featured stories that support women to connect as one globally. Goddess Couture News is all about the best presentation of you!