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All-Natural Beauty Brand “Oil Essentials” that hits Walmart

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All-Natural Beauty Brand Oil Essentials that hits Walmart. This new all-natural beauty line, Oil Essentials that hits Walmart stores next month. This collection of beauty oils offer a one-stop solution for all skin and hair types. Made with natural and sustainable blends of essential oils and fortified with an advanced anti-aging Luxmeadow E™ Complex, each luxurious oil gently works to nourish and heal – Inspiring the senses while providing amazing beauty benefits,…

Indulge in stunning nails while committing to a beautiful, healthier you!

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Indulge in stunning nails while committing to a beautiful, healthier you. For those who are always on-the-go, switching to gel polish is an easy decision that not only saves them time but gives them flawless, chip-free nails. However, not all brands are created alike. At Bio Seaweed Gel, they’re setting new standards in nail care with every bottle of their health conscious, beauty boosting polish. Their proprietary formulas and unique application…

Handy Gurugu Hand Cream by LUSH

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Handy herbal lotion for soft hands Our thickest, richest, most luxurious hand cream is lovingly made with hand blended organic Shea, cashew, almond and pumpkin seed butters and soothing essential oils to moisturize dry, sore hands. Our heaviest hand cream, it contains over 25% Shea butter. Our creative buying team traveled for many hours in Ghana to locate a women’s cooperative to find the freshest, loveliest, and most fragrant Shea…

Scentbird The New Designer Perfume Subscription Service

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Say yes to Scentbird. A unique perfume online website thats special for women who adore great perfumes. First, you enter the name of three scents that you love. Once you enter your favorite three scents, you get a list of fragrances with similar notes. You have the choice of selecting up to five fragrances, or trying out just one. This fragrance costs $58, but no worries, you are not charged…

Intimate Britney Spears Collection Right Bra News

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Intimate Britney Spears Collection news. How to pair your clothes with the right bra. Pairing your clothes with the right bra can make a world of a difference! That’s why the Intimate Britney Spears Collection has a bra for every occasion to go perfectly with whatever you want to wear. This video will show you how to pair different shapes with your clothes to look your absolute best! Link in and read…


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Randi Shinder, creator of CLEAN Perfume, is back to conquer the fragrance world one scent at a time with her new project, “i smell great.” Shinder, a pioneer in the beauty industry, is launching the first ever product line that extracts scent molecules directly from the things women love most. The collection uses true extraction technology to recreate long-lasting, sophisticated perfumes. “I was looking for a product that did what…

English Laundry’s Pretty Box Great Fragrance By Christopher Wicks

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What a great gift to give all women for this Holiday. Pretty Box great fragrance all-inclusive in a cool box that has the perfume, bottle spray and hand lotion. Christopher Wicks’ English Laundry brand is available all over the world at high-end retailers, including Nordstrom and Dillard’s, and is a favorite among Birchbox subscribers. English Laundry offers luxurious fragrances for both men and women, from long-time perfume connoisseurs to new…

Yes To The Beehive Honey Blossom Eau de Parfum

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The Beehive began as one of the hippest retail stores on the California coast in Manhattan Beach. The Beehive has now created their first collection of eponymous fragrances. Top Notes: Tea, Lemon and Mandarin. Middle Notes: Sambac Jasmine, Orchid, Freesia, and Exotic Melon. Base Notes: Black Pepper, Vanilla, Amber, and Patchouli. Our beauty team adores the Beehive Honey Blossom Eau de Parfum 3.4 fl oz. This scent is a Floral…

Goldi Beauty Skin-Care, Dead Sea Salts, Spa Products

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Goldi Beauty skin-care laboratories unravel the mysteries of the Dead Sea for you, to help nurture the mystery of your inner and outer beauty. Goldi Dead Sea Mysteries has a complete line of Dead Sea derived skin care products. Including a complete line of face care and body care products. While the history of healing and miracles is hard to prove, there have been more recent studies that looked at…