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December 17, 2014

Handy Gurugu Hand Cream by LUSH

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Handy herbal lotion for soft hands Our thickest, richest, most luxurious hand cream is lovingly made with hand blended organic Shea, cashew, almond and pumpkin seed butters and soothing essential oils to moisturize dry, sore hands. Our heaviest hand cream, it contains over 25% Shea butter. Our creative buying team traveled for many hours in Ghana to locate a women’s cooperative to find the freshest, loveliest, and most fragrant Shea…

Carrie Underwood, American Country Countdown Awards Jewels

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Carrie Underwood style news. She wore Sutra Jewels earrings and ring and a Casa Reale ring while onstage at the 2014 American Country Countdown Awards at Music City Center on December 15, 2014 in Nashville, Tennesee. Casa Reale was founded in 2013 by Joseph Yushuva, founder and partner in jewelry manufacturer JPM Brothers since 1996, known throughout the jewelry industry as a leader in production of exquisite fashion jewelry. Joseph’s…

5 Ways to Amp Up your New Year’s Diet Resolution

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As health-seekers strategize their diet and fitness approach for the New Year, there are a few simple but key considerations that can make all the difference between a successful—and even profitable—weight-loss endeavor and a wellness resolution that falls far short. I recently connected with diet and fitness industry insider Jimmy Fleming, co-founder of HealthyWage—the world’s leading purveyor of corporate and individual weight loss challenges. He offered these insights and perspectives…