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The Aromatherapy and Color Therapy Slap bracelet

Aromatherapy & Color Therapy Slap bracelet

MOJO is a motivational bracelet that engages your senses by combining aromatherapy and color therapy into a slap bracelet.

MOJO will slowly diffuse any applied Essential Oil around you throughout the day.

Aromatherapy stimulates smell receptors in the nose, which then send messages through the nervous system and to the parts of the brain controlling specific emotions, and can heighten positive ones.

Aromatherapy can boost energy levels, speed up healing processes, and provide relief from anxiety, stress, depression, and a whole other slew of mental and physical ailments.

Colors have a huge influence on our state of mind. Each color has a specific effect on our emotions and feelings. This is why color psychology is widely used in branding and marketing, as illustrated in the Color Emotion Guide below (credit to The Logo Company).

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Aromatherapy & Color Therapy Slap bracelet

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