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Sienna naturals, Issa Rae, new generation of beauty Launches fall 2020

You must support the Launch of Sienna naturals. Pure, nature-ceuticals free of harsh chemicals for a new generation of beauty.

Guess what, Issa Rae will be the face of the Sienna Naturals in alignment with the founder Hannah Diop. Sienna Naturals is a foundational health regimen for textured hair that treats hair-care like skin care.

Sienna naturals is highly effective and offers a luxurious Wash Day Rituals to restore hair’s health through lightweight, natural ingredients, proven by science. Unlike styling products that “control” textured hair, we avoid synthetics, chemicals and heavy oils. Using their products first, you will nurture, transform, and rediscover a love for your textured hair.

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Issa Rae beauty
Issa Rae fall beauty now

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