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Saluting Women’s History Month: The Perfect BBA L.A. Luncheon with Mayor Karen Bass Honoring Trailblazers at the Annual Awards Luncheon

The Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles played host to a remarkable gathering on March 23, 2024, as the Black Business Association (BBA) held its 21st Annual Salute to Black Women Business Conference, Vendor Faire, and Awards Luncheon. This event, a cornerstone of National Women’s History Month, shone a spotlight on the strides and achievements of Black women in business, creating an atmosphere ripe with inspiration and empowerment.

Leadership and Excellence on Display

The luncheon was a vibrant celebration of Black women’s achievements, with special recognition given to trailblazers like Hon. Ventris C. Gibson and Stephanie Wiggins. Their stories of leadership and resilience set a powerful example for attendees.

Event Highlights:

  • Distinguished Honorees: The luncheon paid tribute to leaders such as the US Mint’s first African American Director and the CEO of LA Metro, underscoring their impactful contributions.
  • Awards for Excellence: Acknowledgements in various categories underscored the talent and dedication within the community, with accolades going to individuals like Viviana Nell Harvey and Joy Atkinson.
  • Youth Engagement: The Role Models for Success Youth Forum offered a platform for mentorship and inspiration, spearheaded by Dr. Sudonna Moss.



Black Business Association (BBA) held its 21st Annual Salute to Black Women Business Conference
















Innovation and Networking at the Forefront

A novel addition to this year’s event was the Beauty & Media Studio, featuring the BBA L.A. Podcast Studio and Make-Up Studio. This segment not only provided a unique blend of content creation and beauty but also offered invaluable networking opportunities.

BBA L.A. Podcast Studio Team Leaders:

  • Lela Christine: Steering the podcast team as the Team Leader & Beauty Curator, Lela brought her extensive experience and insights to the forefront, engaging audiences across generations.
  • Ciana Singh: As the Podcast Team Social Impact Wellness Leader, Ciana infused the discussions with themes of social responsibility and wellness, resonating particularly with Generation Y listeners.
  • Brianni Walker: Representing Generation Z, Brianni led the Youth Podcast Social Impact Team, bringing youthful energy and perspectives to the conversation.

Appreciation for Community Support

The luncheon’s success was amplified by the collaboration and support from various community leaders, corporate allies, and dedicated individuals. A special note of thanks was extended to the BBA Podcast and Beauty Center Team Leaders for their pivotal contributions to the event’s dynamic programming.

A Legacy of Empowerment

The 21st Annual Salute to Black Women Business Conference, Vendor Faire, and Awards Luncheon not only honored past achievements but also paved the way for future endeavors. It highlighted the critical role of networking, mentorship, and recognition in fostering a supportive ecosystem for Black women in business.

Connect with BBA

For further details on the Black Business Association and its upcoming initiatives, please visit The BBA remains a vital resource and support network for Black entrepreneurs and professionals, championing growth, innovation, and excellence within the community.

As the BBA anticipates future events, the enduring impact of this year’s luncheon serves as a beacon of inspiration, encouraging continued progress and highlighting the indelible mark of Black women on the business world and beyond.


Written By
Lela Christine