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Alexis Sims founder of Leaf Me Launches Black-owned plant fertilizer brand

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Alexis Sims, founder and CEO of Leaf Me, an online houseplant boutique, has announced her biggest accomplishment yet since she launched back in March 2020.

Her company has just released the first-ever Black-owned plant fertilizer brand. It’s called The Growth Elixir.Leaf Me began as an answer to a social barrier that prevents many individuals in low-income communities of color from seeking help, specifically where mental health is in need. Through a horticultural lens, Alexis has provided a basis where those who are struggling during such a trying time in history can find guidance and stability through plants.

Her online plant boutique provides a range of tropical plants that can be delivered directly to your home [if you live in the tri-county area near Detroit], plant lover clothing, and a variety of accessories to help you care for your green friends.

Now, the brand is looking to disrupt the houseplant fertilizer industry with The Growth Elixir, the first product of their vegan plant care line.

Alexis comments, “As someone who wants to live as plant-based and eco-friendly as possible, I began to question what I was giving my plants. Most of the fertilizers are derived from human and animal waste and make a significant impact on the environment. I believe we can use plant-based and sustainable goods to maintain and improve the health and longevity of our indoor plants and ourselves as well. If plants can heal us, they can heal other plants.”

To learn more about Leaf Me, visit the company’s official website at

Alexis Sims, founder and CEO of Leaf Me,

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