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Home Decor News: California Based Furniture Designs by Noir

California Based Furniture Designs by Noir – The company is based out of Gardena. Noir introduces new furniture, lighting, and home décor accessories on a monthly basis and has a passion for innovation. This season, we have seen Noir’s signature style along with geometric inspirations.

In 2004, Georg Baehler and Stephanie Lu formed Noir Trading, Inc. with a mission to manufacture furniture that deftly balances design and affordability. Over a decade later, Noir has established itself with a hand-crafted line of over 1200 products that is consistent, sustainable, and available. As the Lead Designer, Swiss-born Georg Baehler creates every item for Noir the old-fashioned way: with a pencil and paper. Whether wholly original or classically inspired, every Noir product is meticulously designed to scale by Georg’s hand. Georg’s passionate design regimen is so prolific that Noir’s factories have yet to catch pace with him.


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