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How Can Black Women Learn & Gain Positions in Ai Technology in 2023?

Black Women in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Can black women exceed in the new world of artificial intelligence in 2023? The simply answer is that, one way more black women can gain knowledge in AI tech is by seeking out educational and professional resources that specialize in the field.

For example, there are many online courses and tutorials available that can provide a comprehensive overview of the technology and its applications.

Additionally, there are a variety of professional organizations, such as the Association for Black Women in Computing and the Black Women in AI group, that provide networking opportunities, resources, and scholarships to help black women gain knowledge and access to AI tech.

Check out Angle Bush, who founded an organization to increase the presence of Black women in technology.Bush left her job at Shell in Houston, Texas, and later founded Black Women in Artificial Intelligence (AI), an organization that hopes to educate, engage, embrace, and empower this segment of the female population into artificial intelligence careers.

Today it has members on five continents, and Bush is hoping to open smaller chapters at colleges to combat the meager number of Black women in the industry. She also has relationships with large corporations like Amazon, CapitalOne, Nvidia, and others who want to attract more Black women to their companies.

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Black Women in Artificial Intelligence (AI)










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