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Queen Become Boss The Must Read book for Young Female Leaders

Queen, Become Boss

Kenyan-born nightclub owner and entrepreneur, Christine Makau (popularly known as Tinas Royal), emboldens the target audience of her new book titled Queen, Become Boss: 13 Steps to Achieve Entrepreneurial Success as a Young Female Leader.

As the title implies, Makau outlines for readers a methodical approach to prevail in today’s entrepreneurial climate. It is worth noting that although the word young is present in the title, the content of the book is applicable to female entrepreneurs of all ages. The usage of charged words such as queen and boss in the title alludes to the book’s theme of developing and maintaining an exemplary, dignified image in order to best manage situations as a leader in the workplace.

As a nightclub owner and socialite, Makau is no stranger to haters, which she defines as “any fan who actively attempts to make you lose your composure by responding to their misery and desperate negativity.” She addresses how to handle such detractors and other realms of adversity throughout the chapters in her book. Wise words of self-development and social engineering tactics complement the tone of this informative and unapologetic book that is available for purchase in eBook format on Makau’s website and available in Kindle and paperback formats on Amazon.


Queen Boss, Young Female Leader

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