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Rhonesha Byng: A Vanguard for Black Media and Female Empowerment

Rhonesha Byng

Rhonesha Byng’s narrative is a compelling testament to the power of vision, determination, and the relentless pursuit of elevating Black voices in the media landscape. As the Founder and CEO of Her Agenda and Co-Founder of the Black Owned Media Equity & Sustainability Institute (BOMESI), Rhonesha is not just a leader but a catalyst for change, inspiring Black females to carve significant pathways in media and beyond.

Her recent engagement at the Black Music Action Coalition (BMAC) event on February 1, 2024, was more than a mere appearance; it was a reaffirmation of her commitment to amplifying Black narratives and fostering an ecosystem where Black-owned media not only thrives but leads. Held at Live Nation’s Beverly Hills venue, the event highlighted the critical role Black media plays in shaping our culture and history, echoing Rhonesha’s lifelong mission.

BOMESI, under Rhonesha’s stewardship, stands as a testament to what focused collaboration and vision can achieve. The institute’s goal to unite and advance Black-owned media businesses is not just about leveling the playing field; it’s about redefining the game. With over 950 followers, BOMESI champions over 250 diverse-owned media businesses, providing them with the resources and visibility needed to thrive in a competitive landscape.

Rhonesha’s work transcends traditional boundaries, bringing to the fore the essence of what it means to be a powerful goddess in the realm of media and empowerment. Her ability to lead, inspire, and make tangible impacts places her among the most influential figures in advocating for equity and sustainability in Black-owned media.

Join Goddess Couture News as we stand with Rhonesha Byng in this powerful movement. Discover more about how you can support and be a part of this transformative journey by visiting the Black Owned Media Equity and Sustainability Institute’s website at, and specifically learn about the Lifestyle Elevation Media Foundation Inc. through their directory at

In rallying behind Rhonesha and similar visionaries, we not only champion the cause of Black-owned media but also contribute to a more inclusive, equitable, and vibrant media landscape. It’s about creating spaces where the stories of Black communities are not just heard but are influential in shaping narratives, policies, and perspectives globally.

As Rhonesha Byng continues to lead and inspire, her journey is a reminder of the profound impact one individual can have in transforming industries and uplifting communities. Her story is not just about personal achievement; it’s about collective empowerment, resilience, and the enduring power of media to effect change.










Rhonesha Byng












Report by Lela Christine