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The World Debut of PHARAOUN Cocktail Rings

Pharaoun Cocktail Rings

The World Debut of PHARAOUN Cocktail Rings“- I Am Beautiful.” Sergio Andrés Mendoza’s innovative cocktail ring company, dedicated to honoring independence, individuality, beauty and strength announces the world debut of the “I Am Beautiful Ring” during Pride month.

Sergio Andrés Mendoza’s Miami-based Pharaoun Cocktail Rings has launched into the hearts and minds of people across South Florida and is quickly making waves across the nation and the world. Each ring has deep meaning and beauty, to honor those who wear them. Pharaoun Cocktail Rings’ newest cocktail ring, ‘I Am Beautiful’, is making its debut in time for Pride and is now available for purchase.

“Women deserve to be honored, and I created Pharaoun Cocktail Rings to honor the women in my life. I find that in the chaos of every day, women forget themselves, their strength, their beauty, and their independence. My hope is that each of my rings inspires the woman wearing it to be the best version of herself.” Said Mendoza.

I Am Beautiful

“The ‘I Am Beautiful’ ring takes my mission to another level,” Mendoza continued. “This ring’s transparency brings the wearer into the design itself, because when you put it on, it immediately fills with the color of your skin. I fell in love with this ring when I realized it was amplifying one’s natural beauty. There is nothing sexier or more powerful than being yourself, and this ring allows you to capture that strength. I feel that now is the perfect time to bring this ring into the world, because I believe that the combination of uniqueness and inclusion is our greatest hope for the future.”

The I Am Beautiful ring has traditional elements, but it feels modern and fresh. Since this ring includes you as part of the design, it matches and goes with everything.

PHARAOUN – The name Pharaoun embodies the glory of the forgotten tastemakers of history, and is a reaffirmation that we are standing on the shoulders of giants, humbly paying our respect to the past, while declaring our commitment to build a better and more beautiful future.

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The Inspiration Behind Pharaoun Cocktail Rings

Pharaoun is Mendoza’s testament to the strength of the women who molded and nurtured him, and is dedicated to his wife, whose death brought his desired legacy to the forefront of his life’s work.

He took his grief and translated it into gratitude not only for his wife, but for all the women around him. Radically, he began Pharaoun not through sales, but by gifting hundreds of rings to the women in his life.

To each person, as they decide which ring is right for her, Mendoza implores, “My hope is that you fall in love with one of my cocktail rings, not only because of its design, but because it represents a part of you that you love. Maybe it reflects a part of you that you don’t see often but want to be reminded of. Maybe it is your greatest strength. Maybe it is the person you want to be. The choice is yours.”

The Designs

The combination of traditional elements with a requirement for elegance defines Mendoza’s work. “I learned how to design rings by studying the most exquisite artifacts of the past.” Mendoza said. “My goal is to design rings that are more beautiful than anything the world has ever seen, but I will never be able to do so unless I learn from and pay my respects to the brilliant designers of history.”

The Journey

Each Pharaoun cocktail ring takes you on a journey, as it has for Mendoza himself. He thrived in the digital world, both as a software developer and startup executive, but his newfound respect for mortality has shifted his focus to the importance of personal connections in his life.

About Pharaoun Cocktail Rings

Pharaoun Cocktail Rings is a one-of-a-kind jewelry company dedicated to the beauty and symbolism of cocktail rings as a way to honor women. Through traditional yet fresh design, old world craftsmanship and an underlying sense of elegance, each Pharaoun cocktail ring is designed to remind a woman of her beauty, independence and strength.

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