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Lanvin Spring 2022, The Colorful, Fun, Hip Couture Collection

lanvin 2022 spring

We adore this fashion designer. Spring time is just around the corner. We invite you to check out this couture designer’s Collection Reflecting what’s new for spring summer 2022.

Do you know who the original designer is for this particular brand fashion house?

It’s always a good thing to know how a fashion house collection launched. And, who was the original design team and who is in control present time.

Past Reflections of Lanvin

Lanvin was the first designer to see fashion as a lifestyle. Clothes making was not enough. She was involved in a wide range of fields including home décor, lingerie, perfume, sportswear, fur and menswear. Inaugurating the principle of a brand, Lanvin extended her product lines to create the’ Lanvin World’.

Lanvin was a collector of fabrics which led to her appreciation of Coptic and Chinese embroidery. Also interested in the rich cultural heritage of Japan and Persia, she expressed her admirations through her fashion adorning her clothing with an artistic excess of ribbons, sequins, medallions, pearls and embroideries. Read more about this style house here at

Present Time

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