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October 28, 2015

SHA Wellness Clinic Launches Bioenergetic Unit

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SHA Wellness Clinic Launches Bioenergetic Unit. The renowned SHA Wellness Clinic near Alicante, Spain, has launched a new Bioenergetic Unit, adding to its wide range of pioneering services. Operated by Dr. Ana María Oliva, expert in biotechnology, the therapy aims to help clients attain the perfect balance between the body and mind. Inspired by Oriental medicine, Bioenergetic Therapy focuses on recovering both the physical and energetic balance in the body,…

Beauty Brand Nomad Cosmetics Spotlight

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Beauty Brand Nomad Cosmetics Spotlight. The Nomad Cosmetics we believe that a woman’s desire to look and feel beautiful is universal, but the way she achieves it varies across the world based on local influences. This insight, and the many stories and destinations behind it, have inspired us to create a new kind of beauty brand. Introducing Nomad Cosmetics – Universal Beauty, Locally Inspired With Nomad Cosmetics, we have started with…