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Emilio Pucci Spring 2015 Long Dress Are Fabulous

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Why we adore the Emilio Pucci brand? When you review these styles we like you will find the history of this designer label is vast. Check out the SS Collection for 2015. Naomi looks good! Fashion designer Emilio Pucci is best known for his tight shantung “Pucci pants” and vividly printed silk dresses and blouses. His colorful, informal uniforms for Braniff flight attendants were groundbreaking. Later, Pucci branched into men’s…

Numi Tea Best Holiday Gift Healing your Mind & Body

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Numi is an up-and-coming tea company to keep an eye on. They’ve got some great blends and some great ideas. They’ve made a commitment to a high quality product. I have noticed Safeway is carrying Numi now, and that’s awesome. I like to see companies like Stash and Numi being given the chance to show the world what real tea tastes like. I like being able to get these teas…