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February 11, 2020


Blacks In Tech: Startups, Entrepreneurship and Careers

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Blacks in tech: Startups, Entrepreneurship and Careers. The Blacks in Tech event is a one-day interactive event for professionals, entrepreneurs, influencers, tech enthusiasts, students and thought leaders to share a common goal… increasing the visibility and representation of black men and women in the tech industry through startups entrepreneurship and careers. As we continue to thrive with world class black excellence, this event is focused on highlighting people of color…

Crystal Heart

Sodalite Confidence Crystal, A Must Buy For 2020

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Sodalite Confidence Crystal, A Must Buy For 2020. Crystal Heart is one of the most beauty brand crystal brand companies we have found online. From the candles to the gemstone every product is made with love. Their mission is to bring beauty, wellness and positive energy to the lives of men and women everywhere. Their crystals are hand selected from the mines of South America for their captivating beauty and…

Pilgrim Essential Oil collection

Pilgrim Essential Oil collection Perfect For Valentine’s Day

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Pilgrim Essential Oil collection is the perfect gift For Valentine’s Day. We love their assortment of scents. This aromatherapy brand offers a wide variety of oils and diffusers sure to fill your home with happy moments. Teo Ultrasonic diffuser. Handmade ceramic and beech woodis awesome. this is one of their best-selling products. This beautiful ceramic and beech wood diffuser can create a home that’s welcoming and calming as soon as…

Female Rituals Yoni Steam Seat and Yoni Steaming Herbs

Female Rituals Yoni Spa Life At Home

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Ladies with all the fuss around Valentines Day, we have a great product you may want to use that you can heal your body and uplift your spirit. Our beauty and wellness team say YES to all the women buying the Female Rituals Yoni Steam Seat and Yoni Steaming Herbs (4 Ounces) Bundle. That’s right, its all about women taking control of their own bodies. This combo comes with a…