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June 19, 2020

H.E.R. - I Can't Breathe

H.E.R. Drops New Music “I Can’t Breathe”

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H.E.R. drops new music called I Can’t Breathe. We deemed it essential to feature such a talented sister who shares the same sentiment as all black Americans. We desire to live in peace and BREATHE!!!

suncun fashion 2020

Suncun Summer 2020 Styles

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The Suncun designer collection was presented at the Global Fashion Collective (GFC) during Paris Fashion Week on February 27th 2020. They hand-picked talent showcasing their designs in 2 exclusive runway shows at Paris Fashion Week, each designer bringing a different aesthetic to the runway with their unique collections. Learn more about Suncun and the Global Fashion Collective here at https://globalfashioncollective.com/

essential oils

Antibacterial Essential Oils To Get Now

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The staff at Goddess Couture News is a big fan of pure organic essential oils. The quest is what are the Antibacterial Essential Oils? Check out these unique benefits and wide range of uses of essential oils can be helpful at the time of a virus outbreak by offering antibacterial properties. 1. Oregano Oil Believed to be useful both when consumed and applied topically, oregano oil has demonstrated a spectrum…