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Lost Luggage: Tips to protect your baggage while traveling

Baggage bummer. Having your luggage lost or delayed is a real possibility right now, as flight delays and cancellations become commonplace at airports across the country. In fact, more than 880,000 bags were mishandled between January and April of this year, according to data from the Department of Transportation.

While the airlines are responsible to reimburse travelers in some instances, the best way to protect your baggage and the belongings inside is travel insurance. InsureMyTrip travel insurance expert, Meghan Walch, explains why.

Airlines often exclude liability for certain items
Fragile items and electronics are often not covered through the airline. While there may be coverage limits on certain expensive items, such as electronics, travel insurance may offer some reimbursement if the airlines exclude liability for items.  Pro Tip: Take photos of the items in your luggage to know what you packed and what may have been damaged, lost, or stolen

Travel insurance coverage may not end once you disembark a flight
Travelers who purchase baggage loss coverage through travel insurance may have coverage if something is stolen from the luggage at a hotel or while on a tour. Pro Tip: Read the wording in your policy. It may list when you have coverage and the steps to take before filing a claim – like reporting a loss/theft to the proper authorities.

Travel insurance may fill in gaps when purchasing necessities
Airlines may offer reimbursement when a traveler needs to buy necessities if a bag is lost or delayed, but there may be limits on how much is spent.  Travel insurance may kick in if those limits are exhausted. Pro Tip: Save the receipts for anything purchased during the delay. You’ll need them to file a claim.











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