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Z SKIN SYSTEMS Must Have For Focused Skin Care

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Finally, a beauty system is launching that combines beauty and nutrition from the inside and out! Z SKIN SYSTEMS™ is a nutrition-focused skin care system with ingestible (supplement) and topical components (serum) for a 360-degree approach to science driven beauty! Z SKIN SYSTEMS is the first beauty system to be created with a potent antioxidant that is derived from paprika peppers, called ZEAXANTHIN at concentrated levels that have been clinically…

We Like Styli-Style Give Me Lip Glossy Lipstick Pencil

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We were all out at a spa event a few moons ago and meet with a beauty team who share their new brand called Styli-Style. They have a great Lipstick Pencil that a good addition to add to your mix of cosmetics you adore.  Check out the A 3-in-1 lipstick. This product combines traditional lipstick bullets with an innovative application technique.  The same bright long lasting color and matte payoff is…

CLEANSE by Lauren Napier, A Great Beauty Gift

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The CLEANSE by Lauren Napier Wipes are individually packaged in small, sleek packaging containing a 6×7″ disposable wipe, which makes practical for toting in your purse or makeup bag, travel or even in your professional makeup kit.  CLEANSE by Lauren Napier have quickly become my favorite cleansing wipes for several reasons.  They’re a makeup artist-made cleansing wipe.  I love the CLEANSE by Lauren Napier cleansing wipes because they are gentle and…

Crave Eyelash Conditioner

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Women who desire long lashes may think about using The CRAVE Collection eyelash conditioner. This California based company, The Crave Collection, brings us three life changing products. Embellash is a fortifying eyelash conditioner embellishes your lashes for a bold, beautiful look in 4-6 weeks! Apply one swipe onto the lashes of each eye.” Link into their world at