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What a Woman Wears to Work Really Does Matter

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What a Woman Wears to Work Really Does Matter. Call it “dress for success” or “dress for the job you want” — it’s more than an adage for women. Style and image have played and continue to play a crucial role in the career strategies and trajectories of many high-powered execs. Let’s face it, how you look says a lot about you, whether you’re organized, lazy, fashion-forward, creative or serious. Jacqueline Whitmore,…

How to Attract Love with Feng Shui

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How to Attract Love with Feng Shui . Are you still looking for the love of your life? I am joined by feng shui expert, Donna Stellhorn, on how you can attract love into your life with feng shui.  

THE BLACK BERRY BEAUTY A Sacred Healing Center

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Discover the lover in you!  At THEBLACKBERRYBEAUTY this is exactly what we would like to help you discover.  Your true self; your vibrant, beautiful, joyful self that may be blocked by some ailment, like tumors, cancer or just a feeling of anxiety, worry, stress and woe. THEBLACKBERRYBEAUTY, a sacred healing center dedicated to the caring of the womb,through natural organic raw/living foods, meditational techniques, womb yoga and dances, visualizations, affirmations and overall nutrition.  If…